Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venn Diagram: FLDS VS LDS Beliefs

I had a question the day about the differences between the FLDS and The LDS Faiths. I did my best to summarize the differences and similarities using a Venn diagram.

It's pretty much what you would expect from a splinter group. It's in no way authoritative or complete but summarizes the small differences that exist between each group. I know the LDS church would like to distance themselves as much as possible from this group, but the fact remains that many beliefs are still shared.

The FLDS church is probably the straightest branch on the Mormon tree. They're in many ways most representative of the original Mormon Church.

I have limited information on the RLDS church. It would be interesting to see a Venn Diagram representing the differences today. I think you'd see a smaller intersection.

Edit #1: I got some feedback so updating a few items..... Polygamy in heaven is shared.  Someone pointed out that the Word of Wisdom is not completely shared by the FLDS. They appear to have a similar opinion to those early members of the Mormon church. Usage of banned substances aren't nearly as taboo for the FLDS as they are for the LDS members.


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